Well I've found no issue with compiling most of 10  on EL6 however the one component pki-kra  compiles but doesn't always work correctly there are one or two versions that do but most patch levels dont.

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On Jan 2, 2014 9:51, Ade Lee <alee@redhat.com> wrote:

The Dogtag 9 CA (pki-core and its dependant packages) are already in
EL6, to provide a headless CA as a backend to IPA.

To create a fully functional CA with web UI, simply install pki-ca from
the EL6 repos (it will pull in the required packages in pki-core) and
install the dogtag 9 version of dogtag-pki-theme from F17. Then use
pkicreate to create your instance. Note that the theme package must be
installed prior to running pkicreate.

To get other subsystems, you will need to install the relevant packages
from dogtag 9 (Fedora 17). This should work without any issues for all
the java subsystems and the RA. The TPS may require a little more work.

Dogtag 10 (only the CA again for IPA) is slated to be released in RHEL
7. You can get a fully functional CA by installing the dogtag-pki-theme
package from Fedora 20, and using pkispawn to create an instance.

Dogtag 10.x (10.2?) will be the basis for RHCS 9.x which is slated to be
released sometime in the RHEL7 cycle - most likely 7.1. This will
include all subsystems and all packages.


On Mon, 2013-12-30 at 15:32 -0500, Paul Robert Marino wrote:
> does any one know if there are any plans to port Dogtag 9 or 10 to EL6
> based distributions or is the plan to go strait to EL7 when its
> released?
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